Sylvie Gagnon

Proximed affiliated pharmacist-owner

« Inspiring women by showing them that your hair and physical appearance are not what matters the most; that’s exactly why I joined the Audacieuses! »

Sylvie Gagnon is a woman who has the courage of her convictions and a strong call to help others. In 2004, this patient, empathetic, and comforting professional became a Proximed affiliated pharmacist-owner in Saint-Honoré-de-Shenley. Volunteering is an integral part of Sylvie’s life. Generous and committed, she gets involved in two causes dear to her heart: health and children. As a new grandma of a three-month-old little girl, she hopes that her action will inspire her family and community. In spite of her more reserved nature, Sylvie Gagnon is embracing the Audacieuses project with open arms.

When her friend Audrey Morin, a fellow pharmacist and former Audacieuse, introduced the idea of joining the Audacieuses, Sylvie Gagnon took two days to think it over. “I am willing to take concrete steps for a good cause. I figured that I might as well do it for Leucan, an organization I’ve been supporting for a long time.”

Indeed, Sylvie volunteered for the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, presented by Proxim, in the past. “I’ve always taken this cause to heart. I volunteered for the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. But to experience it behind the scenes and hear other people’s stories was truly appealing to me.”

Celebrating her 50th with a Bang

Turning fifty, becoming a grandma; Sylvie Gagnon decided to mark those milestones by joining the Audacieuses.

“I turned fifty in September and became a grandma a few months ago. I want to celebrate that with the Audacieuses. It’s fun to think that both I and my little sweetheart will go through hair growing pains at the same time.”

Sylvie agreed to change her looks for the cause. The change will be two-fold for her. While her hair will grow back, it will grow back white. A return to her natural self.

“It will be a big change. The last time I got a haircut with a shaved neck was probably back in 1998. Since then, I’ve always kept my hair long. But once it grows back after the shave, I will embrace my grey.”

Show Courage

Sylvie has been through difficult hardships in her life. “I lost a baby through stillbirth. It was such a tough time and I needed a lot of courage to face it. But what other choice is there? Courageous people will have the strength to recognize that they need help and support.”

A force of quiet strength, Sylvie uses situations as difficult as the death of a child to give back to society. “I volunteer regularly with Parents d’Anges here, in Beauce. It feels more natural for me to get involved in causes that affect me directly. That’s why I chose to support people who are going through what I have been through myself.”

Focussed on her Community

Sylvie chose to run a rural pharmacy. She picked close proximity instead of urban excitement. Her hope was to forge unique bonds with her patients.

“I came here in 2002. The pharmacy is located in a small village where I knew no one but was welcomed right away as though I had always been here. Since I know everybody, I can help my community in so many little and big ways.”

This desire to support a smaller community is what drove her to run a rural pharmacy. “There are some underprivileged sectors in our small village. But through sponsorships and volunteering, we can help those in need. For example, there’s the breakfast in school program because unfortunately, not all families can afford three meals a day.” For this pharmacist, the desire to help is a powerful call.

Entirely devoted to people, Sylvie spares no efforts to support her fellow citizens.

“I’m always willing to help out. There have been cases of house fires in the community when I was called to bring lost medications outside of the pharmacy’s opening hours. Another time, I travelled to the local arena where some residents were relocated temporarily in order to distribute medications and make sure everyone was covered.”

When she relocated her pharmacy in 2020, she invested to include two consultation rooms and a drive-through window in order to meet patients’ demands. “We expanded our services to serve the people of our small community in the way that they deserve. It’s true that I could’ve established my practice in a big city but there’s nothing like this close proximity with patients.” She makes it her daily duty to give the best of herself to her patrons.

Dare to go further

Although she is of a more reserved nature, Sylvie Gagnon always dares to step out of her comfort zone when it’s the logical thing to do.

“I embrace this project. I dare to go further. I see it as an opportunity to do more, to stand out, and to dare to take action. In my own timid and more reserved way, I can also fit the description of an Audacieuse. Whether it be about taking a project I believe in a little farther or simply helping others, I can be daring.”

Sylvie truly believes that such a powerful gesture coming from a group of women will resonate with people coping with cancer. “Inspiring women by showing them that your hair and physical appearance are not what matters the most; that’s exactly why I joined the Audacieuses!”