Lise Sarazin

Director of Sales and Marketing at the Casino du Lac-Leamy

“Losing your hair is like losing a part of your armour. It makes us feel exposed and more vulnerable. I know there’s a very feminine aspect to hair, but even so I feel ready to do it. I’m much more daring now; I have less fear as I get older.”

Lise Sarazin is a warm-hearted woman who is seen by others as genuine, spirited, bold, resilient and a natural leader. As Director of Sales and Marketing at the Casino du Lac-Leamy, Lise has had an impressive career spanning over 30 years in the hospitability and communications industries. Along the way, she has developed outstanding people skills and a special openness to others. Her special abilities in staff management, customer service and business development are much appreciated by her coworkers. Lise’s love for people and great generosity are what made her say YES to Les Audacieuses.

Children’s causes are particularly close to Lise’s heart for a very specific reason: she never got to experience the joys of motherhood herself. “Having a child was one of my greatest desires, but I never got to experience it. I feel a form of grief and I still get very emotional when I talk about it.”

“Taking part in Les Audacieuses is an opportunity to support children with cancer. I would like to help ease their pain and, if possible, bring a smile to their faces. I also need to be there for the parents who are seeing their child suffer. I want to do my part against this terrible injustice. No child should die of such a disease.”

Lise is giving up her hair for all the children who have no choice but to see their hair fall out. “When I think of these children, I want to tell them that the best is yet to come . . . it’s an extremely difficult step, but nothing will be able to stop them after they’ve gone through it.”

The maturity to let go of a fine head of hair

“I invest a lot of money in my hair—I love it! But at what price? Children battling cancer suffer through so much, and on top of that they lose their hair.”

At 57, Lise is accepting about getting her head shaved, knowing that it’s a gesture that makes a big impact. “Losing your hair is like losing a part of your armour. It makes us feel exposed and more vulnerable. I know there’s a very feminine aspect to hair, but even so I feel ready to do it. I’m much more daring now; I have less fear as I get older.”

No, Lise is not afraid. She’s ready to do it and intends to have fun in the process. “I’m putting all my heart into this. It’s an incredible challenge! Plus, I want to have a bit of fun with it too. I’ve already asked my hairdresser to start thinking about ideas for what’s next. I’m even considering a tattoo!”

People at the centre of it all

Lise enjoys being around others. “I love people. I like to make others excel. It’s as if I was destined to support the people around me and help them to grow. I try to be genuine in both my professional and personal relationships. Being there for those who need a smile, making their day a little better . . . I’m all about people.”

What’s behind Lise’s decisions? Her convictions and values. The core values of this Audacieuse are integrity, compassion and respect.

As a professional with a passion for human relations, Lise is adept at untangling problems and finding solutions. She’s recognized for her solid management skills but especially known for her compassion. “My goal is to bring a human touch to difficult situations. That can ease the solving of problems. Compassion is an integral part of me. And with compassion comes respect for others and openness.”

A positive leader in all spheres

Lise brings out the best in those around her. She has a positive energy that is contagious. “Our lives are all interconnected. If you stay respectful and genuine, you’ll always manage to bring out the best in others.”

Given her positive effect on people, she’s often called upon to play the role of leader. “My best skill is bringing people together. I like to think that I’m an inspirational leader. I bring a combination of expertise, maturity, dedication, authenticity and a feminine touch to my relationships.”

To achieve this level of positive influence, leadership and inspiration, you must take time to reflect. “I start each day with an intention. Also, I think about what I’m grateful for. And then I try to be there for the people around me—my door is always open.”

Being proud of one’s life

When she looks back at how far she’s come, Lise is serene. “I’m newly single and ready for the next stage of life. Being on my own has taught me to accept myself as I am, and to forgive myself for certain decisions that weren’t in line with who I was. Today, I’m at peace! I’m where I need to be, both in my career and with my team, who I love to see succeed. All that is a great source of pride!”

Lise had to show great strength and resilience in the face of not being able to realize her precious dream of motherhood. “I’ve achieved a lot in my life, even though I didn’t get the chance to have a child. Letting all this go, getting through that difficult time and the grief were certainly my greatest challenges in life, but today I can say that I’m proud of being who I am.”