Lucie Morin

Ph.D., Full Professor, Director of the MBA in Management Consulting with a focus on ESG at UQAM

“I always stand behind what I say and do, and I never have regrets. Being at ease with yourself means knowing and accepting your strengths and weaknesses, your personality and your individuality. For me, Les Audacieuses is the very definition of being at ease with yourself. I often say, ‘life is now.’ But it’s also important to enjoy yourself.” 

Lucie is a woman who is well known for her empathy, creativity and passion for all that she undertakes. As Director of the MBA program in management consulting at UQAM and full professor at École des sciences de la gestion, she teaches the development of emotional intelligence, among other subjects. In 2011, she received an Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence for her paper published in the Leadership and Organization Development Journal. In addition to her illustrious career, Lucie is also a proud mother of two young women. She said YES to Les Audacieuses to set an example and support a cause that’s close to her heart.  

A challenge she couldn’t refuse 

Lucie’s daughter Laurence, who works at Leucan, suggested that she take part in the 2024 edition of Les Audacieuses, saying: “Mom, there’s a special project at work, and I think you’d be perfect for the challenge. You’re such a daring person and I admire you so much. So I gave them your name.” 

While considering the idea, Lucie had a special thought for Gabrielle, the daughter of close friends. When Lucie was expecting her first child, her friend was also pregnant. “We went through all the important stages together: pregnancy, delivery, the first year, and so on. Then we had our second child at the same time. Life was beautiful. Then, out of the blue, we learned that Gabrielle had cancer. So from then on it was treatments, support from Leucan, remission . . . then recurrence. It’s been 25 years since she passed away, and I still think about her a lot. That’s why I had to say yes to this challenge.” 

Empathy, openness and emotional intelligence are not only Lucie’s great strengths, but also the foundation of her career. Agreeing to join Les Audacieuses was a decision that aligned with both her professional and personal life. “In my work, I teach my students to develop their emotional intelligence and be empathetic. To show empathy, you must be ready to put yourself in the shoes of others. By shaving off my hair, I’m going to put myself in Gabrielle’s shoes, as well as those of other children with cancer. I feel so much compassion for their families, and I see all that Leucan is doing for them. Unfortunately, what Leucan does is not that widely known. I’m going to set an example and I hope I can inspire people to give to this great cause.” 

Genuineness and kindness as part of her teaching 

Discussing human behaviour is a big part of Lucie’s daily life as a human resources professor. The simple act of being kind is something on which she places great importance. “What I teach is to not lose sight of the human side of business. Being attentive to others and not passing judgment changes everything.” 

What is the real essence of this successful woman? Mainly, getting to the truth of things. That includes making informed decisions that have been considered from every angle. “As a university professor, when I do research, I want to have all the correct information in front of me. When you take the time to step back and ask questions, you can sort out what’s true and what’s false. You can gain a new perspective, reflect on it and also think about the impact of your actions. I do this whenever I have to make a decision. I followed this process before agreeing to join Les Audacieuses, but I knew the impact could only be positive.” 

Parents are a child’s first teachers. As for Lucie, she’s an excellent teacher in every sphere of her life. “My youngest daughter, Catherine, is getting married in September, and I immediately thought of the prospect of having a shaved head in her wedding photos. I sought her opinion, of course. She simply replied that she was very proud of me. I’ve always told my girls that beauty is within us. My spouse and I have always wanted them to get involved in projects that inspire them. When my daughter said she was proud, I knew she had taken in what we’d taught her.” 

Life is now 

The project Les Audacieuses clearly inspires Lucie. But it’s also making her head spin a little. She’s accepted the challenge at an important time in her life. “It’s a funny feeling to have said yes . . . I feel calm and serene and super strong all at once. There’s a bit of a storm of emotions. I turned 60 last summer and I think I’m ready for this. No doubt I’ll feel nervous at times, but the reason I’m doing it is to support Leucan.” 

Lucie is certainly ready. She loves life and intends to enjoy every minute of it. “I always stand behind what I say and do, and I never have regrets. Being at ease with yourself means knowing and accepting your strengths and weaknesses, your personality and your individuality. For me, Les Audacieuses is the very definition of being at ease with yourself. I often say, ‘life is now.’ But it’s also important to enjoy yourself.” 

Yes, shaving off your hair is a big gesture, but Lucie sees beyond the appearance. “What matters is who I am as a person. Ultimately, when you think about what you’ve achieved, the first things that come to mind are how much you’ve done and how proud you feel. Not your hairstyle. When I think of Gabrielle, it’s her resilience that first comes to mind, and her constant smile.”  

A fully rounded life and career   

You need to learn before you can teach. “I’ve wanted to be a university professor since I was 18. I got there by building my dream one brick at time, each step taking me closer. Even if the bricks didn’t always fit together, I could save them for later. Finally, at 37, I became a professor. And I’m still accumulating bricks today! Throughout this process, I’ve always followed my heart and my passion. I’ve worked very hard. In the end, the journey is the most important thing. I’ve learned so much along the way.” 

Author of the book Fidéliser ses employés, Lucie is a compassionate but firm leader. “I treat everyone the same. Whether it’s my students or team members, I want them to feel equal and valued. However, with a management role comes decision-making. Everyone has good ideas; everyone has opinions. Being a good leader means listening respectfully and knowing when a decision needs to be made. I think being a leader takes courage.” 

Lucie has made a success of pursuing a career while being a caring mother who’s there for her children. “I’m so proud of my two daughters because, simply put, they’re lovely people. But my career has to be a source of pride as well: I worked so hard for it. I earned my doctorate at the University of Toronto, one of the top universities in Canada, without having studied in English beforehand. I published internationally and received one of the largest research grants in Canada in my field. I’ve accomplished many things while always being there for my kids. Having such a fulfilling career and being able to say I was a good mother are without a doubt my greatest achievements.”