Marie Brousseau

Proxim-affiliated pharmacist-owner

“When the going gets too easy, I have to find something new to challenge myself.”

Marie Brousseau is a Proxim-affiliated pharmacist-owner in the Chaudière-Appalaches region. She is a witness to disease every day, in adults and – “too often”, she says – in children. Her active and empathetic listening skills are greatly appreciated by her clientele. Marie is very active in her community and wears her heart on her sleeve. This is her second Leucan Shaved Head Challenge.

Whenever Marie Brousseau is presented with a project that gets her out of her comfort zone, she jumps in. A go-getter, she’s fueled by challenges and novelty. “When the going gets too easy, I have to find something new to challenge myself.” To that end, she coolly accepted to be a part of Les Audacieuses.

The pharmacist took on the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge once before, five years ago. “I’d always wanted to do it, but always found reasons to put it off. I’m an active volunteer; when someone asks me to do something, I do it. We’re like that, in my family.” Proxim wanted to set up a team to support Leucan. Marie Brousseau turned to her partner at the time and said: “Are you game?” They automatically said yes to a new look, for the cause.

“It was a wonderful experience. Of course, there were some jitters at first, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t think my doing so would have such a big impact, she confides. I didn’t count on people stopping me to talk to me about it so much, or them congratulating me and complimenting me, that they’d take the time to say that I was beautiful.” She was very proud. “I was told that I was brave, but no. I don’t see it as being courageous when you compare that to what Leucan children and their families have to face. I loved doing the Challenge, I have only good things to say about my experience."

Beauty revealed

Since she knows what she’s up against, Marie Brousseau isn’t nervous; she’s excited about the big day. Les Audacieuses is such a wonderful project that puts women front and center, in the spotlight, of course I wanted to do it!” She proudly represents Proxim among the group by taking part to help Leucan. “Fundraising is the main idea and the best way to support cancer-stricken children as well as fund clinical research”, she says.

She’s even more enthusiastic about the Challenge this time because of the message behind the campaign, to shine a light on women’s beauty, without frills or the usual standards. “I’ve always been quite feminist by default. It’s my generation. Women’s rights have improved, but we still feel certain pressures.” Like body image and what dictates a standard definition of femininity. “I want to show that women are beautiful without their hair, as an example for young women and all generations. Being beautiful comes from within. I want to prove that we can dare to step out of our comfort zone.”

Back to basics

Marie Brousseau admits she is still a bit attached to her hair. “I’ve had all sorts of hairstyles, short and long. I’ve always told myself that hair grows back. With a shaved head, people notice your face more; there’s more opportunities to play with makeup and earrings.” She also concedes that there are some net gains to be made. “It’s so much faster to get ready in the morning, and I save a fortune in salon costs!” When her hair gets too unruly, too long and also too short at the same time, she’ll wear bandanas and hats.

Marie grew up with her sister, who has juvenile arthritis. “I can appreciate my luck in being healthy.” The Challenge is an opportunity for her to get back to basics, just like the pandemic has shown us, she says. “The important thing is to be well surrounded, with family and loved ones, do good and feel useful. The rest, like looks, is just a bonus. I think people are beautiful when they feel good. They glow.”

Photographer, Andréanne Gauthier; stylist, Simon Venne (Judy Inc.); hair & makeup, Alper Sisters (Teamm Agency)