Audrey Morin

Pharmacist-owner affiliated with Proxim

“Helping others, giving a hand always fills your own heart with love. It’s both gratifying and interesting. That’s how I choose to live: if I can help, I do it. You can never regret doing too much to help.”

Just a short year after graduating from the pharmacy program at Laval University, Audrey Morin jumped into entrepreneurship with both feet. In 2015, the 25-year-old became co-owner of a Proxim location in Saint-Martin, in the Beauce region. She makes it her daily duty to give the best of herself to her customers. Energetic and highly motivated, Audrey is an active member of her community, including the Saint-Martin Chamber of Commerce. The proud mom of an 18-month-old little girl refuels and recharges by spending time with her family and, whenever possible, in the woods.

When she was given the opportunity to join the Audacieuses initiative, Audrey Morin had a little hesitation. In her defence, her mind was otherwise engaged. “I had to pick up my daughter from daycare because she was sick. She was crying in the background during my virtual meeting. So, I wasn’t completely paying attention.” When she finally understood what was asked of her, she listened to her inner voice. “That little voice was telling me I simply could not say no!”

The pharmacist immediately thought of one her little customers now deceased. “Her mother would call in prescriptions for palliative drugs. She wanted her baby to die at home, surrounded by loved ones. It moved me deeply.”

As a pharmacist-owner in a village, Audrey Morin has a unique bond with her customers. “They have my mobile phone number and know they can reach out to me in case of emergency, even if the pharmacy is closed.” She appreciates the proximity and human warmth that colour her relationships with her customers.

Betting on a Lock of Hair!

With her funky glasses, blond curls, and sparkling smile, Audrey Morin does not go unnoticed. She is well aware that her new look will cause a little shock wave in her pharmacy. “Customers will comment on it, and I’m ready for that. It will give me an ideal opportunity to raise awareness about Leucan.”

People who know the young woman also know how much she values her tresses. “When I’m chatting with customers, I sometimes bet on a lock of hair as a joke because my hair means so much to me! When I’m absolutely sure of myself, I bet on my entire hair. In case of doubt, I’ll bet on two inches of it.” But getting her whole head shaved? Never had the stakes been so high!

Audrey Morin already booked an appointment with her hairdresser ahead of the big day. “Mom wants a family picture. I’ll get my colour freshened up, my hair smoothed and styled. We’ll take the picture, and then I’ll be ready to take on the challenge. In case of doubt, pedal to the metal!”

True Beauty is not Hair Deep

“I think beauty comes from the energy we radiate, from how we feel about ourselves. Happy people who feel good about themselves are beautiful. Others will find them attractive, will want to talk to them and spend time with them. Whether I have long or short hair, whether I wear glasses or not, if I feel good about my decision, I think people will roll with it. Soon enough, they won’t even notice anymore.”

“My aunt suffered from cancer and lost all her hair. It was an extremely difficult time for her. By going under the razor blade, I hope to support cancer-stricken individuals as they struggle with changes in their physical appearance. While I’m not sick myself, I want to show that you can go out into the world, work, and be radiant without your hair.” Audrey truly believes that such a powerful gesture coming from a group of women will resonate with people coping with cancer.

In fact, she cannot wait to meet her fellow Audacieuses. “It will be great to meet those women I would not have had the pleasure to meet otherwise; to talk and share our stories. I find it motivating to know that I won’t be alone, that we will support one another.”

Happiness is Watching your Daughter Grow

For several years, Audrey Morin dreamt of becoming a mom in vain. She underwent fertility treatment over a period of five years. After losing a first baby born at 20 weeks and suffering a miscarriage, she is finally experiencing the pure joy of seeing her daughter grow. This is also why she agreed to join the Audacieuses this year.

“Becoming a mother transformed me. I realized just how visceral that love is. Seeing my child getting sick or losing her after longing for her for so long would be the worst thing that could ever happen to me.” Thinking of parents of cancer-stricken children makes her very emotional. “Leucan is a soothing presence for families having to go through this hardship. I’m happy to contribute in my own way.”

For this pharmacist, the desire to help is a powerful leitmotiv. “There is always a trace a perfume left in the hand of the fragrance spritzer,” she is fond to say. “Helping others, giving a hand always fills your own heart with love. It’s both gratifying and interesting. That’s how I choose to live: if I can help, I do it. You can never regret doing too much to help.”