10 confident, influential, courageous, inspiring and daring women said yes to a new look to change the lives of thousands of children Together, they're doing the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge

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A new look to change the lives of thousands of children

Les Audacieuses is a grand idea born out of the desire to create an unprecedented movement of solidarity across Quebec. What if a shaved head were the ultimate symbol of beauty, strength and courage?

The women you'll discover through this website said YES and together, they'll take on the most powerful gesture of solidarity with cancer-stricken children there is, all the while redifining what defines femininity.

These inspiring and proud women invite thousands across Quebec to join the movement to forever change the future of children living with cancer.

Marie-Mai was the first to answer the call and shave her head in the winter of 2020.

From now until they go under the razor blade in Spring 2022 and even after, get to know Les Audacieuses, what motivates them and the impact they hope to have by undertaking this great project.

An ambitious goal worthy of such a daring project

Of all fundraising activities, the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, presented by Proxim is without a doubt the one that requires the most courage and has the greatest link between the action and the cause it supports. In the past 20 years, 95,000 people dared to shave their head for cancer-stricken children. Together, they've raised nearly $60M.

Les Audacieuses' goal: 200000

Les Audacieuses

Julie Charbonneau

Private trainer, boxing coach and mom of a child with cancer

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Janice Bailey

Scientific director, Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies

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Magalie Bourdeau

Partner, Demers Beaulne, vice-president of the Leucan Board of Trustees and mom of a child with cancer

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Audrey Morin

Pharmacist-owner affiliated with Proxim

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Garihanna Jean-Louis

Comedian, actor and speaker

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Véronique De Sève

Director, business development, Fondaction

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Evelyne Audet

Host, 91.9 sports, RDS, Évasion

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Catherine Newman

Vice-President Finance, Financial Reporting iA Financial Group

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Isabelle Jean

Executive vice-president and chief operating officer of lotteries, Loto-Québec

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