Nancy Raymond

President, Steamatic Canada

“With Les Audacieuses, I’m embracing Leucan’s cause but I want to do more than that. For a woman, getting her head shaved is no easy feat. If we dare to do it, we can send out a strong message.”

Donations to Nancy Raymond will be matched by Steamatic Canada*

Seasoned businesswoman Nancy Raymond is president of Steamatic Canada, a company with 45 franchises, and the only woman owner of a restoration after disaster banner in the country. Thanks to her unwavering determination, she carved a place for herself in a male-led industry, growing her company into a successful business. A proud mom of three, she is honored to stand among Les Audacieuses.

Nancy Raymond is an avid snowmobile rider, hitting the snowy hills full throttle ahead. Fearless in both her personal and professional life, she acquired her business in 2016, fresh out of six weeks at the intensive care unit, hovering between life and death. “If I had given up, I would’ve lost everything I’ve built over ten years, and everyone in my team would’ve lost their jobs.” Weakened yet as strong-willed as ever, Raymond rolled up her sleeves and resumed discussions with her financial partners to make her entrepreneurship dream come true—a dream still alive today.

“Boldness is part of my DNA. I’m an ambitious, resilient, and audacious person. I had to be to get where I am today. I had to fight to take my place. I kicked down doors and broke the glass ceiling to build my credibility. I’m quite proud of that.”

With her long blond hair, carefully applied make-up, and beautifully manicured nails, Nancy Raymond stands out with her stylish appearance in a male-dominated field. “I’m appearance-conscious, it’s true. This will take a lot of courage. It’s quite a challenge for a woman,” she confesses when thinking of getting her head shaved this spring. She actually refused at first, as she was supposed to be matron of honour at her sister’s wedding. But with the pandemic, plans have changed.

“Nevertheless, I asked myself why I said no originally. It was a decision purely guided by pride. I didn’t feel that this was a good reason.” Deep down, there was also this unnamed fear of plunging back into the pain associated with her own past illness, a time when she had to wear her hair very short. “My husband actually sees it more as a way to reconcile with this short-haired Nancy since I am healthy again.” Upon further reflection, she agreed to join the project.

For Jade

First and foremost, Nancy Raymond will take on the Challenge for Jade, her cousin’s fourteen-year-old daughter—the same age as her own son. “We saw firsthand the impact of childhood cancer on a family when Jade was diagnosed. I’m in a position to help by promoting the support that Leucan provides to all those families. Why not leave my ego aside for this cause?” And that’s exactly what she is doing.

Still, before making her final decision, she sought out Jade’s opinion and approval. The teen told her about the summer camp she enjoyed with her sister, the school support, the respite services. “When Jade rang the bell to mark the end of her treatments last year, my cousin posted the good news on Facebook, and I was so moved. Even now, talking about it still stirs me. It was such a beautiful moment,” she says, shedding a few tears. “I’m so glad that they could rely on Leucan’s support to see them through this painful moment in their lives.”

“With Les Audacieuses, I’m embracing Leucan’s cause but I want to do more than that. For a woman, getting her head shaved is no easy feat. If we dare to do it, we can send out a strong message. I want to show that it’s important to love yourself just as you are. I want to encourage young girls not to compare themselves to others, not to undermine themselves because this girl has longer hair, or this one is thinner or more voluptuous… There’s lots of talk around self-love. We women are much more than a body envelop.”

An ambitious goal

Nancy Raymond also hopes to convey a message to the members of her business community: the construction industry and the general insurance sector. “Let’s stand together in solidarity! What’s a few hundred dollars in comparison with my willingness to get my long hair shaved?” She is also calling upon the people of Outaouais where she resides. “I urge everyone to give.” She set herself the substantial goal of raising $50,000. “There’s no way I will lose my hair for a mere $10,000!”

She knows that the Challenge day will be filled with emotions. “I’m acting brave right now but I will need support during the shave. I hope to live the moment with my loved ones if it’s possible. Otherwise, I will call on my inner strength. I committed myself to it and I look forward to the big day. I will keep in mind all the Jades. I’m doing this for them.”

* up to $25,000
Photographer, Andréanne Gauthier; stylist, Simon Venne (Judy Inc.); hair & makeup, Alper Sisters (Teamm Agency)