Magalie Bourdeau

Partner, Demers Beaulne, vice-president of the Leucan Board of Trustees and mom of a child with cancer

“I’m doing it first and foremost because I know that sick children go through a significant disruption and they don’t choose to lose their hair.”


Magalie Bourdeau, CPA, CA, is a partner at Demers Beaulne, an accounting and consulting firm. Passionate by numbers from a young age, she loves to apply her knowledge and skills to support her clients in their entrepreneurial endeavours. Magalie serves as Vice-President on Leucan’s Board of Trustees where she also sits on both the governance and audit committees. As an active member of Réseau des femmes d’affaires du Québec (RFAQ), she works hard to support the advancement of women and women helping women. She is the proud mom of three children, including a son now recovered from acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

 Magalie Bourdeau has a special bond with Leucan. Nine years ago, her son Loïk was admitted to the emergency room late one Saturday night, suffering from pains in his ears and legs and skin rashes. Two days later, the diagnosis fell: acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Loïc was only two-and-a-half years old. “We cried all night. But the next day, we rolled up our sleeves and went on the attack.” Aside from some minor hurdles, Loïk’s treatments went well, and he was quickly able to return to daycare and to start playing hockey. Like any other boy his age.

Giving Back to Leucan

Leucan was there from the very first day. So, getting involved in the organization was only natural for this dedicated mother. “It’s a way for me to pay it forward. I’m so grateful to have count on Leucan during what was probably the worst time of our lives. The team was there as soon as treatments began. It was a constant presence.”

Still, shaving her head was not exactly part of the plan. For this serious and rather reserved accountant, the invitation to join the Audacieuses came totally out of left field. “I know the first cohort in 2021 was met with great enthusiasm. But I always said I would never get my head shaved, not even for the cause. It was completely out of the question!”

But out of politeness, she did not dare refuse outright. “There was a lot of hesitation. I took a month to think about it. But since the opportunity presented itself, like an acknowledgement of my own journey, I ended up accepting. I’m doing it first and foremost because I know that sick children go through a significant disruption and they don’t choose to lose their hair.” To this day, her son refuses to look at pictures where he is bald.

A Strong Group Message

With her practical nature, Magalie Bourdeau made a pros and cons list to reach a decision. “I often play my hair. My oldest son will be graduating, and it’s too bad I’ll have a shaved head at that moment. Will he be OK with taking prom pictures with me? To tell you the truth, my children are not too fond of the idea. But my work colleagues are very supportive. And after all, hair grows back!”

In the pros column, she jotted down a message she would love to convey: hair does not define your personality or your femininity. “I’m happy to join a group of inspiring women. I wouldn’t be brave enough to go it alone. I know the impact will be much greater with those women who are influential in their respective sphere. The message will have a wider outreach.”

As a Trustee, Magalie Bourdeau is well aware of Leucan’s financial needs. “Our fundraising campaigns are very important.” She also approaches this collective shave like a personal challenge; an opportunity to venture out of her comfort zone. “Achieving this challenge and playing with my image will make me proud. It’s a big deal for me. I’ve always been a little insecure. But today, I realize I can be audacious. I’m so proud to have risen through the ranks, from intern to partner.”