Anouk Petit

Director of Communications, Sollio Cooperative Group

« I listened to my inner voice again. Not saying it’s not scary but it still feels like I have to take the plunge. Getting your head shaved for the cause is such a powerful act of self-possession. By taking action despite my fear, I will make a difference. »

With more than 15 years of experience in communications, Anouk Petit was named Director of Communications at Sollio Cooperative Group in May 2022. Her background in social work and her inspiring and transparent leadership make her a highly motivated manager who listens to her team. Energetic, strong, and passionate, Anouk knows to follow her instinct. And her instinct told her to listen to the signs and join the Audacieuses.

“When I met with past Audacieuse Janice Bailey, I could see this light emanating from her as she was talking about her experience. She planted a seed unbeknownst to me but I have learned long ago that you have to listen to your inner voice. It never speaks loudly in vain. So, I did.” Anouk felt like she was meant to be an Audacieuse… In fact, that she was one already.

“Being audacious means taking action, holding yourself accountable, and getting off the beaten path. Daring to reach out of your comfort zone. I have this touch of folly in me, an eccentric side; just a tad. I’d call it calculated folly. I always bring a little bit of spice, a daring side, to any project.” Her passionate nature and positive energy will definitely be a plus for the Audacieuses.

At a Crossroads

Invitations to Leucan’s events, meetings with past Audacieuses, a trip to hospital for her son; so many powerful signs that refused to be ignored. Anouk Petit felt the pull to get involved in the cause: “I feel like I’m standing at a crossroads. I got a sort of call from Leucan. And my next move became obvious. I wanted to invest myself in something tangible.”

This call to take concrete steps and get involved in a positive cause; Anouk heard it loud and clear.

“I listened to my inner voice again. Not saying it’s not scary but it still feels like I have to take the plunge. Getting your head shaved for the cause is such a powerful act of self-possession. By taking action despite my fear, I will make a difference.” Indeed, joining the Audacieuses was almost an instinctive call for Anouk.

Managing with Openness and Integrity

Honour and integrity: two notions that should be part of a good manager’s toolbox. “Good leaders are accountable—for their decisions and responsibilities. They lead by example and stay connected to their team. And to be fully accountable, you need honour and integrity.”

Anouk takes the time to listen to people and to build strong relationships; long-term relationships based on trust. “I’ve had people following from a previous position to keep working in my team. That is the greatest proof of trust and appreciation. I am not an all-or-nothing leader. I move in silence a lot and pick the right time to speak up. But I know that I’m a good manager.”

No Regrets

Dropping out of school to follow her passion, entering the job market, going back to university at 21, changing career: Anouk certainly followed an atypical path. Now at 40, Anouk Petit has no regrets. “I’m really proud of my background. While I’ve missed some opportunities, when I look at where I am today, I would not change a thing.”

Her mother and grandmother certainly set inspiring examples. “I had the luxury of making mistakes and to go through all sorts of experiences. My mom was a beacon through it all. She didn’t come to rescue me or to take me by the hand but she always lit my path.” It is thanks to her mother’s trust that Anouk felt free to deviate from the paved path.

Free to make choices, right and wrong. Free to become the exceptional woman she is today. “I’m very receptive. I meet people where they are, accept them for who they are, and give them room to figure out what they want to be and to prosper in their own unique way.”

Redefine Beauty Standards

“A bald head or a full mane, natural or coloured hair: there is no single model of beauty. I want to show that it’s OK to embrace your difference in every imaginable and unimaginable way.”

Anouk is well aware that this gesture made as a group of women will send out a strong message. “Ten women taking on the Challenge together paints a vivid picture. I sincerely hope it will inspire people, especially women. Let’s redefine beauty standards together!”

To have a positive influence on society while inspiring her loved ones, including her two children, was another motivating factor for Anouk. “While my youngest son might ask what happened to my ‘princess hair,’ I think my new look will turn me into a warrior in his eyes. Ultimately, I know my kids will be proud of me. That’s all that matters.”